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Discovering Molecular Causes of Disease


Scientists conduct research in fields associated with a wide variety of major medical conditions, including multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Types I and II diabetes, cancer, heart disease, macular degeneration, pain management, Alzheimer's disease, inflammatory disorders, AIDS and other infectious diseases, regenerative medicine, obesity, transplant rejection, muscle wasting syndrome, and new methods for drug discovery.

The Institute fosters an innovative research environment, believing that multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches accelerate the discovery process.

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Supporting Our Research

smiling_girlYour gift supports the innovative work of our dedicated scientists and helps further the advancement of medicine.

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Featured Research Focus


Developing non-addictive pain medication with Chris Armishaw

Molecules isolated from venomous marine cone snails can be used to discover new drug leads for the treatment of chronic pain, depression and drug addiction. Cone snails use an elaborate biological harpoon mechanism to deliver deadly venom that swiftly immobilizes their fast moving prey. Their venom, which is composed of a complex mixture of disulfide rich peptides known as conotoxins, acts on an array on ion-channels and receptors in the central and peripheral nervous systems.

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