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Disease Drug Development Drug Discovery
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Drug Discovery

Torrey Pines Institute (TPIMS) combines a unique set of tools in order to provide a robust and cost effective drug discovery program. These tools which include TPIMS' proprietary "high density" combinatorial libraries, ligand and target based computational methods, as well as traditional medicinal chemistry which allows the implementation of the assay or assays (drug or biochemical tests) that are most relevant to the end goal. A key advantage to TPIMS' unique drug discovery tools comes from the fact they can be used effectively in conjunction with a large range of assays, from ultra high throughput screening centers through to multi end-point in vivo models.

Additionally the TPIMS platform accommodates a high degree of flexibility in the drug discovery process maximizing any level of knowledge related to the biological system under study. The figure below illustrates that TPIMS' goal is to discover clinically viable candidates by following a path that is flexible, iterative and state of the art.